Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NXNW 21 - GIVE BACK (vol. 2) - split release w/ 1859 Records

NXNW 21 has arrived, which you can find digitally here, and a limited screenprinted CD copy here.

GIVE BACK (vol. 2) is an international punk compilation aimed at raising awareness of, and financial support for, the efforts of the Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary in Scio, Oregon (USA). 


Art by Keith Rosson.

This is the latest collaboration between NXNW and 1859 Records.

Check it out and consider contributing to the farm.  Thanks.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NXNW 20 - The Zombie House Chronicles

It's HERE! NXNW 20 w/ zine, tape, sticker & download code. 

Featuring a lot of great music from bands who played at the Zombie House (RIP), writing from folks involved with the Zombie House or peripherally, photos from shows and people at the Zombie House, flyers, artwork, E T C. 

Big thanks to everyone involved. 

Extra big thanks to Su Liu for the fantastic cover art.

Honorable mention goes to Walkman 5000, Aris Wales, Davey Death Ray and Ekatrina for the work, sweat, blood, tears and fun that went into running a show house.

Extra honorable mention goes to Robert Bartleson at Haywire for mastering and always giving NXNW a quality, professional, and personal touch.

This comp is a benefit for the following organizations, meaning that 100% of the proceeds will go to one of them: 

Portland Women's Crisis Line  


SMYRC/Q Center  

SARC Oregon  

WildCat Haven Sanctuary  

Please consider donating to one of them if, and when, you can.