Sunday, January 8, 2012

Liz Snyder & Julie Karr

Hello All, 

We've got big plans this year.  First off, we'd like to introduce you to the music of Liz Snyder and Julie Karr, both talented singer-songwriters.  

Liz is born and raised Juneau, Alaskan.  Julie currently resides in Richmond, VA.  We are including some of their songs on a 4 way split cassette with Callow and Gun Room Melodies.

Liz' EP is NXNW 10 and the tunes can be found here.  We hope to hear more music from Liz soon, both recorded and otherwise.

Julie's songs can be found here.  Definitely check out her live show if you get the chance.  Her voice is phenomenal.

As with all the music we release, it should be noted that a preferable method of consumption can be listening with wraparound headphones while laying down in the dark.  Just a suggestion.