Saturday, October 29, 2011

News, Tour, ETC

Hey y'all, 

Reverend Loose Morals are heading out on a short tour in November, check the kick ass poster by Keith Rosson.  We get to play with some fine folks, including our friends Callow, Brian Stevens, Bryan McPherson, Sons of Jefferson and many others.  It's gonna be fun!

We are grateful to the folks hosting us at shows, particularly ROY DEAN at BOUND FOR GLORY in Modesto, CA and the Fisher clan in Grants Pass.  What sweethearts!

I am attending the Earth At Risk event in Berkeley, CA on Sunday November 13.  Among the speakers are Arundhati Roy, Aric McBay, Lierre Kieth, Stephanie McMillan and Derrick Jensen, all of whom I've distro'd books, DVD's, CD's and/or comics from.  They are also some of the greatest thinkers and people on the planet.  The event is only $10, so think about attending too!

We also have a slew of new releases to announce:

NXNW 09 - Reverend Loose Morals & the Confederacy of Dunces - CD, cassette & LP (coming soon!)

NXNW 10 - Zombie House Chronicles: Please Don't Make the Quiet Bands Play Last Compilation - cassette (coming soon!)

NXNW 11 - 4 way split cassette w/ Liz Snyder, Julie Karr, Callow, Gun Room Melodies (coming soon!)

NXNW 12 - Order Of The Gash - Full Length Cassette (coming soon!)

NXNW 13 - 4 way split cassette w/ The Pillowfights!, Tuck and Roll, Abolitionist, Danger Death Ray - Split Release w/ 1859 Records (coming soon!)

We are over the moon to be a part of each of these releases and will have more information on each, shortly.  We might even have a few surprises up our sleeves to help these projects into the wild.  Stay tuned!

We've updated the Allies page to include the folks involved in these releases with links to their music pages.  

We've also started a distro, so if you wanna have something distro'd by NXNW, get in touch.

Thanks y'all!

Cow Creek No Fire Fest was a success!

big thanks to everyone who came out to play music, share food, catch crawdads, etc at 
cow creek fest. it was a fantastic time. special thanks to ferris for finding the perfect location, callow for running sound, where's tom? for sharing their stage, and sean for bringing the kegs of mirror pond. so much fun was had!